All business processes must be conducted while adhering to best practices. Text message marketing is no different. As we have mentioned in this blog, sending inaccurate information or setting inconvenient messaging schedules can hinder the effectiveness of an SMS marketing campaign. These are important things to remember, but there are other factors to consider as well.

An article in the online publication Business 2 Community lists three do's and three don'ts of text message marketing. While this blog has discussed many of them, there is one that sticks out that is an essential component of all marketing strategies – don't try to say too much.

"Sometimes marketers try to squeeze in way too much information in those 160 text characters," writes Liga Bizune, the author of the article. "Often it results in skipped letters, grammar failures and a lack of logic. In SMS marketing, less is more."

One of the primary advantages of marketing via text messaging is the minimalist nature of SMS. It's important to send quick, focused messages that contain important information while leaving the recipient wanting to know more. If a reader absorbs all relevant info from one text message, there isn't much incentive to follow up. A small tease for a product, service or event, followed by a strong call to action, will be much more effective in enticing customers to either respond to the text or contact the client in any other way that's convenient for them.

Businesses that follow this important step will go a long way in improving their engagement strategies. Swift SMS Gateway offers the tools companies need to launch effective SMS campaigns and craft powerful, enticing messages.