Sending text messages to reach a large group of customers, prospects or any other group of individuals that may need help is certainly beneficial, but it is practice that must be conducted properly.

Tulane University implemented a text alerts program to reach students in the event of an emergency. As this blog has mentioned in the past, this service has proven to be helpful in a number of instances, but benefits are only realized if the messages conveyed are accurate.

In the case of Tulane, school officials recently sent out an alert to students and faculty members informing them of a shooting on campus. However, according to a report in the New Orleans Times Picayune, there was a problem with the message – there was no shooting.

Mike Strecker, a spokesman for the University, told the campus publication The Tulane Hullabaloo that an accident had occurred and that students should not pay attention to the message.

"There is no validity to that text," Strecker said. "There is not a shooting. It was a mistake."

The incident occurred because Tulane was testing its emergency text message service and accidentally sent the message to every student. While this was a simple mistake that will likely be fixed, it illustrates the importance of ensuring that all communication sent to a mass group of people is accurate.

If wrong information is sent, it automatically compromises the legitimacy of the sender. In some cases, the damage could be irreparable. This goes beyond alerts as well. If a company were to send inaccurate information regarding a special offer, the business would take a significant hit.

By taking time to carefully craft messages, companies can ensure that their communication will be well-received and return a benefit to the organization. Swift SMS Gateway offers the tools businesses need to orchestrate, effective text messages for all purposes.