Sometimes, people just need someone to talk to. That's why communication devices are such a vital part of our society. When we're in trouble and there is no one to speak with in person, we turn to our phones to reach out. However, there are times when making a phone call is too inconvenient or, at times, just isn't possible. That's why we rely on text messages today more than ever.

As this blog recently reported, the United Way is launching a service that allows those in need to text their zip code and receive a local specialist to help them with their issue. Today, there is talk of new organizations launching a similar campaign – a service that sends words of encouragement to those recovering from alcohol or drug addiction via SMS text messaging.

According to a report in the online publication Good Therapy, texting is becoming an increasingly effective way to help those recovering from substance abuse. Frederick Muench, a psychiatry professor at Columbia University, recently surveyed 50 individuals who were recovering from addiction and asked if they would be receptive to text messages as part of their continuing care. The group was overwhelmingly supportive of the idea.

Muench told the news source that as technology continues to advance, it's important for organizations to improve traditional practices.

"Overall, results highlight the promise of using mobile interventions for addiction care and underscore the need for empirically tested models for this new medium," Muench said.

The global proliferation of mobile devices means that today, people of all walks of life are capable of sending and receiving text messages. This means that organizations tasked with caring for a large number of people – such as addiction treatment centers – can benefit with SMS services.

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