The old adage about senior citizens and technology may be going away. We all once assumed that the two didn't mix, and you can't really blame us. But, in an increasingly digital world where everyone is connected and technology is such a big part of our lives, more seniors are adopting mobile devices. As a result, many are turning to SMS messaging as a form of communication.

Last year, a report revealed that an increasing number of middle-aged individuals are using SMS technology. According to a study conducted by a global research firm, 69 percent of individuals between the ages of 35 to 54 are using SMS and at least 50 percent are engaging in standard text message speech. For example, the survey indicated that LOL is the most commonly written text among that demographic, with 54 percent saying they use that line the most.

This is one component of an overall seismic shift in society. "Hip" consumer technology is no longer just for teens and twenty-somethings. Today, virtually everybody owns a cell phone. Companies such as Apple and Google are designing user-friendly mobile software that individuals of all ages can manage. Therefore, receiving and sending text messages are not as scary to the elder generation.

As the aforementioned age bracket moves into the senior citizen demographic, more people past retirement age will be using their mobile devices to communicate. This is a trend that marketing professionals should take advantage of. By adjusting SMS marketing strategies to reach prospects of all ages, companies can increase their customer base.

However, the diverse age range means that marketers will encounter more challenges in their customer engagement efforts. Businesses should not be sending the same message to 18-year-olds and 80-year-olds. Working with a text message software provider can help orchestrate effective plans to reach all ages. Swift SMS Gateway offers the tools businesses need to initiate effective campaigns.