Mobility is changing the way we do everything in our lives. Nearly everything can be done on a mobile applications these days, so that's the way people want to get things done. If something can be accomplished on a mobile phone, we will prefer to use our device to accomplish the task. And, as the SMS application is still the most popular app on every smartphone, users are opting to use texting to conduct various activities such as communication, money transfers and, if respondents of a recent survey have their way, voting.

According to a study conducted by mobile radio application company Stitcher, 60 percent of mobile phone users would prefer to use their device to vote in the upcoming election. Although recent polls indicate that interest in this year's election is not where it was in 2008, mobile adoption is much higher and some have dubbed the 2012 race as "the mobile election."

Users are picking up their phones to follow election coverage and even donate to their favorite candidate, so using these devices to cast a vote seems like the next logical step.

Noah Shanok, the CEO of Sticher, said in a press release that he was shocked by the number of ways Americans are using their phones to connect to the candidates.

"While we expected people would be using mobile devices more this election cycle, the fact that mobile is already eclipsing more traditional outlets as a primary way to follow the candidates and election news is surprising," Shanok said.

If texting is adopted as a way to vote for a candidate, it wouldn't be unprecedented. As trivial as it may be compared to electing the next President, many professional sports leagues and reality shows have provided fans with the option to cast their all-star ballots or select their favorite contestant, all by using SMS services.

As this service grows, businesses may be looking to find new ways to engage themselves with the public, and implementing a voting service may achieve this. Swift SMS Gateway offers the tools companies need to launch any SMS-related service.