Last month, this blog talked about the two primary presidential candidates and their programs that allow individuals to donate money to their campaigns via the SMS app. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are not the only ones who can benefit from such a service. Today, many nonprofits are building off of that concept and implementing similar programs to accept donations via text messages.

Many nonprofits rely on telethons, traditionally accepting donations via phone calls. Now, companies are taking the telethon idea and modernizing it. The Bronx Charter school, for example, was able to implement an SMS donation service and raised a significant amount of money.

Eric Bryant, the director of an online public relations firm, developed the text-to-pledge donation service that the Bronx Charter school used. He told the online publication My Central Jersey that the school was grateful to have the service because they were able to accept donations without having to possess a vast technical knowledge.

"Using our service, they were able to generate $7,200 in pledges at a fundraiser, all in about 20 minutes time," Bryant said. "Since our service is highly customizable, we worked with their staff to craft the text message prompts in a way that they desired with made the giving process as seamless as possible for their donors."

The more texting grows as the preferred method of communication, more organizations will be adopting similar services. Companies that either donate to nonprofits or send money to other businesses should consider doing so via SMS because it is a safe and efficient way to transfer funds.

Swift SMS Gateway offers the tools that companies need for all of their texting communication operations. Developing a program to send money will allow businesses to save time and money while donating to good causes and conducting important business.