Running a promotion is a great way to get customers excited, attract new business and increase revenue. The only problem is that it can, at times, be difficult to announce these events. Promotional emails are rarely opened. If customers aren't consistently coming into the store or establishment they may not see the signs posted in the front window. That's why sending promotional text messages is the most effective way to reach a large audience.

Kevin Opray, a new media expert and co-founder of the tech consultancy firm Impact Data, spoke recently at a global liquor summit, and explained that many of his alcohol-related clients – including bars, liquor stores and bottle depositories – are experiencing a wealth of success after marketing promotions via SMS services.

Opray stressed the importance of liquor stores running promotions on discounted beer or special services getting their message to the masses. His strategy is to have his clients ask customers for their mobile numbers, which they can send promotional messages to.

"If you've just bought a case of VB, of course you want to know next time VB is cheaper at the local bottle shop," Opray said.

He went on to give examples of his clients successes, saying that SMS marketing has produced an average unit sales increase of roughly 100 percent. His most successful client was a liquor store that sent mass text messaging to 493 customers for a cost of only $20. According to Opray, the message was a promotional special on Jim Beam, and the result was a nearly 200 percent increase in sales of that product.

Companies wishing to experience similar success should implement a text message strategy into their marketing efforts. Swift SMS Gateway provides the tools needed to launch effective SMS campaigns.