As previously mentioned in this blog, global mobile traffic is growing at a rapid rate. This is fueling the growth of messaging services like SMS, which despite its immense popularity, is growing exponentially. According to one study, mobile messaging is projected to be twice as popular in the next five years.

The report was composed by Juniper Research, and indicates that mobile messaging traffic will hit 28.2 trillion messages annually in 2017. This compares to the estimated 14.7 trillion messages sent in 2012.

While this study consider other methods such as Apple's iMessage and social media services, SMS is still the mobile messaging leader and experts suggest that is something that won't change.

Daniel Ashdown, co-author of the report, said that SMS texting will continue to lead mobile messaging because it's a universal application. Social messaging services like Facebook messaging rely on users having an account and iMessage only works on iPhones, but SMS messaging can be sent from virtually any cell phone through any carrier.

"SMS is 30 years old, but it is still going strong because a text message will reach almost anyone," Ashdown said.

This is an important fact to consider for organizations conducting mobile messages and is why SMS services are still the most effective way to reach a large group of people. Businesses marketing to mobile phones experience far greater success by sending promotions through SMS than they do with any other method and text alerts are received at a far greater rate than through any other medium.

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