This blog has examined a number of efforts various organizations have made to promote safety by implementing an SMS messaging strategy. By sending out messages in the event of an emergency, recipients can quickly receive the information they need to keep themselves safe. Today, as part of the new national strategy for suicide prevention, those at risk are able to sign up for a service that allows communication via text message.

Like many other national organizations to help people, the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention is utilizing technological advancements to its advantage. Evolving technology has spawned a number of efficient communication methods, and the alliance is utilizing them to help mitigate the dangers for at risk individuals. Collaborating with the Surgeon General, the alliance released a report summarizing its new direction.

"Technology is changing the way we communicate, and the pace at which tools are introduced continues to accelerate,"  the report says. "These media and applications include interactive educational social networking websites, email outreach, blogs, mobile apps and programs using mobile devices and texting."

As previously mentioned in this blog, while utilizing a number of communication methods is a good idea, none are more effective than text messaging. The SMS application remains the most popular smartphone app and text messages are opened by 98 percent of recipients, by far the best success rate of any method.

This exemplifies how any organization can benefit from an SMS service. As the number of mobile phone users continues to grow, those sending text messages have the ability to reach a large number of people quickly and efficiently.

Swift SMS Gateway offers the tools any company needs to organize effective SMS alert services. In cases such as this one, the ability to use these tools to open up strong communication channels can help save lives.