Teens drive texting. As previously mentioned on this blog, any SMS text marketing campaign must be aware of teen texting behaviors, because as they become professional adults, many of those behaviors will carry over. Companies relying on texting popularity amongst teens are in luck. According to a new study, mobile usage among people aged 13 to 17 are at an all-time high.

The study, conducted by texting app company TextPlus, reveals that 50 percent of teens believe they would not be able to live for a week without their mobile phones. As staggering as that is, 36 percent are even more attached to their devices, saying that they can't go 10 minutes without checking their phones.

This kind of constant connection is what fuels 21st century society. Today's smartphones connect us to a wealth of information and communication opportunities. But, despite the tremendous amount of applications and functions that come standard with today's devices, the need to text message fuels society's reliance on mobile technology.

According to the results, 61 percent of respondents said that they cannot survive without texting, a number far greater than any other mobile activity. Seventy-three percent of teens said they check their phones for texts right before bed and 72 percent said they check for texts first thing in the morning.

"Despite the variety of games and apps now available on smartphones, good ol' fashioned texting still reigns supreme when it comes to teens' preferred mobile activity," writes Mashable contributor Anita Li in a recent article.

With the amount of time consumers spend texting and checking their phones for texts, marketers have a tremendous opportunity to have their messages read if they send them out via SMS. It is quickly becoming the go-to method for marketing and promotional communication. Swift SMS Gateway provides the tools needed to send out impactful messages to a massive audience.