Sending out bulk SMS messages is beneficial because it allows businesses to communicate with a large number of recipients at once. However, the nature of the service also generates a number of risks, and companies sending out these messages must ensure that the information conveyed is accurate and that it reflects positively on the sender.

An article in the online publication The News International speaks of the dangers of sending out mass text messages filled with inaccurate or inflammatory information. Saanwal Barlaas, the author of the article, tells a story about a time where he received a text message containing a controversial and inaccurate religious opinion.

Barlaas said that he was not offended by the idea that the sender shared a different opinion, it was just that the information used to back up that opinion was wrong.

"People must confirm a particular piece of information before forwarding it to all," Barlaas wrote. "Even quotes attributed to religious personalities ought to be confirmed because misinformation about religious matters can be very dangerous. Mobile-phone users should use their phones as a means of spreading correct and useful information rather than absurd, contemptuous allegations."

Any practice that involves sending a mass text message to a large group of people must be administered with the utmost care. As previously reported on this blog, SMS text alerts have been used to keep residents safe and, in some cases, save lives. Imagine if the information sent in those messages was wrong. Sending out inaccurate warning messages can severely jeopardize safety.

While senders will have to do their due diligence before sending mass messages, Swift SMS Gateway can provide them with the tools needed to send out bulk texts quickly and efficiently.