Done right, Text-to-Subscribe sign-ups can provide a frictionless, easy way to opt-in. Keep in mind, customers don’t like hurdles when signing up for promotions. Unneeded effort when subscribing is off-putting and not worth it. 

Collecting SMS subscribers takes organic effort that cultivates over time. Customers need to understand the context and the value of the offer.

Swift SMS Gateway can explain the technical process and give you a few ideas to  benefit your Text-to-Subscribe campaigns.

What Is Text to Subscribe, or Text to Join?

Basically, text to subscribe, or text to join is as simple as it sounds, which is why it’s such an effective marketing channel. Friction makes every customer hesitate or abort a registration, and subscribing via text messaging is as easy as it gets.

The only step involved for your audience is to send a text, which they do every day. To sign them up for your text-to-join list, you announce and promote a specific keyword across your other marketing channels, along with the SMS short code they’ll need to text. Then, customers just need to send that keyword to your number to subscribe.

Customer’s opt-in phone numbers then feed into your SMS broadcast list, which automatically responds to confirm their text subscription, and may also prompt them to share more information such as their first name, email address, or content preferences.

With customers set up, you then are on your way to your first SMS broadcast. This can be a standalone promotional text messages, as well as marketing messages pointing them toward your other marketing channels. For instance, if you’re running an Instagram contest, you could inform your SMS subscriber list and ask them to engage with your content to participate. This is an example of a cross-channel campaign. 

You therefore benefit from the intimate context of an SMS, while being able to combine it with other marketing or informational services.

Why Use “Test to Subscribe” as a Text List Sign-Up Method?

Think about what your audience wants. If they trust you, they’ll want to get to your content as quickly as possible. But, what they don’t want is to fill out a lengthy form asking them about their background and personal information. While they may not hesitate to share that data, the tedious process keeps them from the promise that attracted them to your subscription in the first place. Letting customers sign-up off their own back also strengthens your company’s compliance with international SMS laws.

Text to subscribe sign-ups make that exchange part of a natural dialogue after they’ve already signed up. Texting is how people today engage with friends and family. That’s why text messages have 98% open rates and are read within minutes, not days. You’re reducing opt-in barriers for your subscribers and making the sign-up process painless for them.

This shows them you care about their time. It also provides the convenience they appreciate. Most people carry a mobile phone at all times, even if they’re not on social media, or regularly check their emails. That means, you’ll engage customers that would otherwise be out of reach.

Convenience, time-savings and a trusted environment combined makes text to subscribe sign-ups exceed subscriber numbers on other marketing channels by far.

5 Examples for Getting More Contacts

Every business follows different seasonalities and patterns, which is why you can change and adapt your text-to-subscribe campaigns to match your unique style and audience.

A clothing retailer might focus on establishing a professional contact point for their audience that also allows for easy communication. In that scenario, they’d set up a dedicated toll-free number exclusive to their business. To incentivize their customers, they could announce that SMS subscribers have access to special offers and will receive text alerts about arrivals first.

  1. Join our fashion tribe! Text ‘STYLE’ to 1234 for 15% off your first order and be the first to hear about our latest collections.

Fitness studios need to calculate with different seasonalities and customer segments. They might not even care about exclusivity as much, depending on their customer base, and choose a shared short code used by multiple brands. Their content strategy could consist of weekly workout and nutrition tips or even class reminders.

 2.   Ready to sweat? Text ‘FITNOW’ to 1234 for weekly workout tips, class schedules and surprise giveaways. Join us on our fitness journey!

A dedicated short code can give you more branding control and make for better recognition. A tech gadget store might use this premium text-to-subscribe experience to leverage branded custom keywords while informing their audience about tech news and exclusive discounts.

3.  Stay plugged into tech trends! Text ‘GEEK’ to 1234 for the latest gadget reviews and exclusive discounts.

Local businesses especially can benefit from the trusted environment of SMS marketing to get clients in the door. A community restaurant could simplify the transaction by providing a QR code in their window that would automatically trigger users’ smartphone apps to send a predefined text message. Their content strategy could rely on daily specials, chef’s recommendations or even reviews from other platforms.

4.  Scan to savor! Scan this QR code for today’s mouthwatering specials. Join our foodie family for delicious surprises!

A wellness spa could use a dedicated toll-free number to remind customers to relax every now and then — whether that’s through general relaxation tips or special spa packages.

5.  Unwind and rejuvenate! Text ‘RELAX’ to 1234 for soothing relaxation tips and exclusive spa package offers. Pamper yourself — you’ve earned it.

Setting Up

Now that you know how a text-to-join service works, how do you get it all set up? The technical side may change depending on your existing infrastructure and scaling needs. For more extensive solutions, you’d still need to choose your programming language and connect to the Swift SMS API for Short Code before deploying your messaging-enabled services. If you want to use 10DLC, and your initial volume is small, consider our Small Biz SMS offer, we’ve already simplified the setup. 

Once you’re set up, you just need to define a keyword relevant to your brand and draft the auto-confirmation message that’ll welcome your new contacts. Make sure you inform them of the type of messages they should expect from your business and take the opportunity to request any other details like email addresses.

All you need to do now is promote your keyword. To do that, you can rely on different marketing channels:

  • Physical advertisements.
  • Website banners.
  • Blog CTAs.
  • Refer-a-friend programs.
  • Email list promotions.
  • Social media campaigns.

You’re all set. Get texting!

SMS Services You Can Rely On

No matter your business, SMS has a lot to offer, which is why we adjust our various product offerings to different niches and needs — from group texting for internal business communications to our SMS API for outbound messaging, polling and marketing campaigns.

Swift SMS Gateway will help you stay informed on the best SMS practices and provide reliable systems, so you can reach customers and team members without interference. Care to learn more? Sign up for a free demo now!