Over the last decade, short message service (SMS), better known as text messaging, has evolved into a modern marketing solution that engages consumers and enhances the customer experience. With over 4.6 billion people owning a smartphone device worldwide, per Statista, SMS has provided an accessible way to connect with stakeholders instantly.

It's important when choosing your SMS aggregator/communications Service provider (CSP). Consider factors you need, e.g., security and reliability, and how well your CSP can cater to your individual needs, e.g.,support and availability, but also consider SMS framework and software adaptability as being just as important in today's post-COVID economy.

Choose Wisely: Why Frameworks Are Important

Identifying the best framework provided by your SMS aggregator is crucial to your company's communication infrastructure. The selected framework forms the foundation of your service and influences security, scalability and future adaptability.

By carefully evaluating different frameworks among a variety of SMS aggregators, you can make an informed decision on which one is best-suited for your business. This is ideally a framework that receives updates and security patches on a regular basis in addition to well-reviewed, supportive service. Securing these attributes will help to reduce the risk of potential vulnerabilities and ensure the system remains up-to-date with industry standards.

The Adaptability of System Upgrading

SMS aggregators should preferably offer systems that are flexible and adaptable. A tailored solution is vital for your business's success. As technology rapidly advances, continuously upgraded systems allow you to seize modern opportunities with new features that enhance performance and address security loopholes.

An agile approach to adopting system upgrades lets your SMS aggregator evolve with the changing landscape, which future-proofs your investment and supports seamless compatibility with emerging technologies.

A superior SMS aggregator like Swift SMS Gateway, offers API code libraries that are current and is agnostic to client Operating System (OS), meaning it doesn't matter what operating system your platform is using.

Evergreen Software

Ensuring your SMS aggregator adopts an evergreen software strategy will assure your systems are consistently up-to-date with the latest security measures and best practices. This involves providing regular updates, implementing security patches and actively monitoring the platform to assess crucial safeguarding components to protect your data against cyber threats.

An evergreen strategy helps to guarantee that your system stays on top of the latest security challenges and accordingly adapts to new standards. This software should also have procedures in place to address the following issues:

  • System failure: In the event of a system failure where its availability, integrity or confidentiality is compromised, the active framework should failover to a secure state for recovery while the primary system undergoes repair.
  • Security breaches: An organization's security vulnerabilities are determined by the various sets of risks it faces. To ensure a consistent focus on the possible risks, frameworks should be able to continuously identify and manage emerging threats with regular updates and security protocols. Additionally, overall security shouldn't rely on a single defense mechanism. If one security control gets compromised, other controls should be in place to resist the attack.
  • Authentication and authorization: A stable framework should leverage straightforward verification protocols effectively to ensure that only authorized individuals can make informed access control decisions.

Moreso, a superior SMS aggregator like Swift SMS Gateway does not expose backdoors to their gateway network systems when customers do not not upgrade their software systems, or continue on with the mentality of "it isn't broke, so don't fix it", and keep on using legacy software systems and calls that are dependent on orphaned OS systems that are prime targets for security vulnerabilities.

Sophisticated bridge proxies isolate legacy API calls and clients that are slow to migrate their own OS systems. The security and performance of the SMS Gateway is not held hostage by clients that have yet to adapt to system updates. This maintains the heart of a stable API framework.

In today's business environment in the post-COVID economy, there are a growing number of businesses that have fallen behind updating their OS softwares and systems, because of being resource strapped.

When choosing an SMS aggregator they must be totally agnostic to client OS vulnerabilities.

The Value of an Established SMS Aggregator

Unestablished SMS aggregators can negatively impact various aspects of your text message systems. For example, if you choose a cheap and cheerful SMS provider, you could face weakened security, shoehorned software integration and an inability to connect with customers due to lack of reach and deliverability.

That's why collaborating with an SMS aggregator that is both system-agnostic and good at maintaining in-depth knowledge of telecommunication infrastructure can be greatly beneficial for your business. Their expertise should enable you to seamlessly integrate APIs within your existing systems, implement tailored security measures for heightened protection and provide a stable support network that enhances your communication strategy.

Financial Considerations for Updates

We understand that budget constraints can be a challenge, but neglecting updates for your SMS aggregator can create far more expensive consequences. Outdated software leaves your business vulnerable to cyberattacks and data breaches, which can detrimentally impact your brand reputation and lead to significant financial losses. So, it's important to invest in and allocate appropriate resources for regular updates and maintenance to protect your business from avoidable risks.

Selecting a framework that's regularly maintained and supported prevents your SMS aggregator from becoming orphaned. This is when a framework lacks updates and security patches, making it susceptible to security risks and hindering your ability to deliver reliable services to your customers.

The Move to Hybrid Services

Businesses are increasingly embracing hybrid services, combining on-premises and cloud solutions for greater flexibility and scalability. An adaptable SMS aggregator that seamlessly integrates with both environments can ensure smooth communication across platforms, helping to maximize your reach and enhance the customer experience.

While the initial entry into the cloud may appear cost-effective, ongoing support and maintenance costs can add up. Plan for continuous support and security measures to assure a robust SMS aggregator that safeguards your business against potential cyber threats.

Addressing Non-Functional Components

Over time, certain components of your SMS framework may no longer function as expected. Aggregators that use traditional operating systems may have vulnerabilities known as "wormholes" that malicious actors aim to exploit. However, when implemented with an API DeDoS framework, SMS aggregators can offer full protection with no inherent wormholes or proxies for optimum security.

A Service You Can Rely On: Swift SMS Gateway

In today's interconnected world, security breaches have become more targeted and sophisticated. Safeguarding your SMS aggregator with robust security measures is essential for protecting sensitive data, maintaining customer trust and preserving your business's reputation.

To sustain a clean and secure SMS aggregator, it's best to adopt a proactive approach by conducting regular security audits and vulnerability assessments while staying updated with the latest security practices.

At Swift SMS Gateway, our API plans offer everything you'll need for a stable framework. We support full database integration, custom message handling, scheduling and reporting to cater to your individual needs.

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