Many taxi and limo dispatchers are responding quicker and securing fares for their drivers with SMS. Quick response always brings benefits in fair dispatch operations; from assuring clients that you have a driver on the way, to meeting or even beating travel time estimates. This can result in repeat business. Connecting text messaging directly into dispatch platforms is making the difference.

In busy cities, the real job is getting around incessant traffic. Not all places have the same issues. Professional drivers already have the skills to get around quickly, but the reliance of dispatch is still critical. Reaching drivers and coordinating fares depends on efficient logistics management to address worsening traffic congestion.

Also, there's a need to connect to clients using mobile services, as a competitive wedge against Uber.

A recent traffic study from TomTom compared the traffic in 390 cities around the world as part of its 2017 Traffic Index report. In terms of general overall congestion, the top spot went to Mexico City, where drivers had to spend an average of 66 percent extra time traveling due to traffic. Overall, the congestion of the entire world rose by almost a quarter from 2008 levels. The continents of Asia and Oceania are showing the biggest increase among all the continents.

"The world's traffic congestion rose from 2008 levels and Uber is competing to get fares."

Compared to this figure, North America only saw a 9 percent jump in traffic. That and the fact that no U.S city placed in the top 10 may leave Americans feeling good. Los Angeles ranked as the second most-congested city on the continent and reportedly provided 45 percent extra time for drivers. Other high-placing American metro areas included New York, San Francisco and Seattle. Traffic is a problem everywhere.

Connecting your dispatch platform to text messaging is making a difference. You can do it by using a SMS API provided by a good SMS Gateway. A fully integrated SMS API sending out simple text messages through your dispatch software can not only text to fares, it can improve response times, improve driver communications, and provide a competitive wedge against Uber.

Integrating text messaging directly into your logistics and dispatch management platform helps assure professional drivers will always be a fare's best bet, when they need to hail a taxi or limo.