SMS And Call Centers?

Contact – or call – centers are always looking for ways to improve their communications with consumers. Due to the rise in popularity of cellphones, contact centers are beginning to turn to text messaging services to reach them. In addition to the sheer convenience of texting with consumers, SMS messaging has proven to be a more efficient line of communication.

That said, SMS capabilities often go overlooked in call centers because they are "call centers," as opposed to "text centers." Although the technology is not exactly a recent development, of course, it's only recently that SMS communications have become standard among consumers in recent years.

Preparing To Use Text Message Services At Call Centers

At this point, there is little doubt among professionals that SMS services will make their way into call centers soon enough. Now, the only thing that's left is to make sure the employees at such centers are ready to implement the new technology in their day-to-day activities.

To begin with, call center agents will need SMS training. Because texting is such a unique form of communication, customer service representatives may struggle (at first) when deciding when it's appropriate to use text rather than call a customer.

In the same vein, the infrastructure at customer service centers will have to be readjusted to account for the new SMS services.  Keeping all that in mind, SMS support in the contact center has the potential to significantly improve customer service.