There is little doubt that the expansion of technology has made its way into the logistics sector. From automated picking and packing services to GPS systems in driver vehicles, the modern supply chain looks much different today than ever before. As industry professionals continue searching for ways to improve driver communication and increase delivery efficiency, communication between individuals on the road and people in offices becomes crucial.

That said, there are plenty of ways to communicate with individuals involved with every step of the supply chain. Smartphones, for instance, can serve as useful tools for fleet drivers and managers, as they allow for quick and easy distribution of company news, policies and even safety tips for those on the road. 

In addition to the road advisories and weather alerts that are for useful for drivers, new technologies are going a long way toward ensuring a more transparent delivery process for customers. In today's business world, customers expect deliveries to arrive on time, and as a result of advanced technologies, they often want to receive real-time data about deliveries.

The easier it is for drivers to communicate with field operations managers, the smoother the delivery process will be for suppliers and customers alike. Text message services are easy ways to achieve this.

Don't Forget About Social Media Platforms

In addition to using SMS services, fleet managers should consider communicating with their drivers via other methods. Popular social media platforms, like Facebook, are being used by a growing number of fleets already. Because so many drivers have Facebook accounts, companies can use it as a convenient communication network. Plus, Facebook pages give drivers, managers and other employees one easy place to correspond.