Text message reminders to patients are gaining popularity, as healthcare continues to find new ways to improve health services. Healthcare uses SMS alerts to send text messages to patients that their medications are ready, and to remind patients of medical appointments.

SMS Alerts Make A Difference

Automated SMS text messages are a fast and efficient way for Healthcare professionals to connect to their patients conveniently. Healthcare leaders like CareScripts develop custom script messaging and setting for every patient. Appointment reminders to patients via text messaging are reducing missed appointments. A study completed by Televox Software demonstrated these SMS alerts reduced the rate of no-show appointments by 39.3 percent.

SMS alerts can be used to assist patients in other ways too. Prescription SMS alerts help patients – especially those with ongoing conditions. According to Sacramento Business Journal, some medical professionals use SMS alerts to remind patients to take medicines, or check sugar levels. 

“SMS alerts connect to patients fast and easily, while improving health services.”
Brian J. Johnson, President & CEO, Swift SMS Gateway Inc.

Sending a text message with an SMS alert to patients is discreet and not intrusive. It is the best way to maximize engagement today. According to Pew Research Center, more than two-thirds of adults in the U.S own smartphones. The same is certainly true in Canada. So, instead of leaving a voice mail hoping that it gets heard, send a SMS alert with a text message. Mobile Market Watch says about 98 percent of text messages are opened! With odds like that, sending a text message is the most efficient way to ensure your message is understood.

The best way to connect SMS alerts to your healthcare services platform to deliver text messaging is to speak to Swift SMS Gateway. They work with thousands of global software solution providers, and there should be no need to switch platforms. If your current platform can support a secure Internet connection, it can easily connect into Swift SMS Gateway.