Mobile is here to stay. Despite it changing people’s personal behaviours, many have yet to take full advantage of today’s mobile business opportunities. Consider this: The mobile market by 2020 is forecasted to be worth nearly $500 billion, according to AB Newswire. Think seriously how mobile can impact all areas of your business. Now is the time to create your business’ mobile strategy.

Today, more people prefer to text than call. This is why connecting to mobile via a simple text message is such an important part of your mobile strategy. It goes beyond marketing with text short code campaigns. Mobile can improve your response time in all areas of your business processes operations. Everything wire-line will soon be running wirelessly. A truly mobile business extends reach. It can improve efficiencies with faster response times to field operators and employees in your daily business.

Mobile Business – Sooner Rather Than Later

“Innovative strategies give your business an edge over competition.”

Remember: Successful businesses are not static ones. A growing business uses great strategies to thrive. In recent years, mobile business strategies have become crucial. The impact of mobile is too big to ignore. As advertising and technology have changed, so too have the ways we communicate with employees and customers. Smartphones and tablets are everywhere. Your business should consider starting to collect cellphone numbers of your staff, your supply and distribution chains and your customers. Already, mobile marketing strategies using text messaging are commonplace. 

Keep Your Mobile Business Plan Simple

Focusing on basic modes of communication like SMS texting and exploiting SMS’ simplicity can help. This could be as simple as connecting your main business landline to SMS. Another great first step is to look at where email is failing in your organization and ask yourself; “Would a text message have improved this?” This may be in email’s failure to reach customers, or to assist in providing a timely alert to business operations. Migrating away from email in critical system operations may be a good idea. This is often true in the areas of logistics and system monitoring alert traps.

Many business management software platforms are upgrading their services to use text messaging. Swift SMS Gateway provides simple integration with SMS API supporting small and large businesses. If your software systems can connect into the Internet, it can connect into Swift SMS Gateway to manage your mobile business’ text messaging needs.

Taking all of the above into account, don’t put off business-wide adoption. Include all your departments from day one. It will you help get off on the right foot to avoid problems down the road with your mobile business strategy.