Text messaging is continuing its impact on the hospitality market and guests are welcoming its use, while more hotel operators are implementing hospitality text  SMS services to capitalize on this hot trend. If you have a good SMS API, text messages can connect into hospitality PMS (Property Management Suite) platforms for multiple purposes like; early check-in room availability, group member alerts, spa appointments, property promotions, concierge services and social events.

“Hotel operators using SMS enhance guest service, improve efficiency & better their guest experiences.”

Hospitality Text Connect To Swift SMS API

Since March of 2015, Maestro PMS partnered with Swift SMS Gateway and launched its SMS text communication module with the Swift SMS API to enhance its hospitality suite of services and created a flexible guest engagement tool. The success of this has increased their installation agreements, while allowing indie operators to better their Diamond Plus services. This would not have been possible if Swift’s SMS API was complicated. This SMS API was easy to connect to and enhanced Maestro’s PMS to allow hospitality operators flexibility to work the way they did and connect to guests in real-time with hospitality text.

Swift SMS Gateway continues to be delighted at the success in our partnering with Maestro PMS. Integrating our SMS into their widely installed Property Management Suite has been a huge success. A text message concierge service is the new standard in the hospitality industry and a pleasant hotel experience leads to returning guests.