Swift SMS Gateway connects applications, advertising and alerts to text messaging via simple APIs and keeps your data stored in Canada. Most importantly, SMS aggregation is all we do and with that philosophy, your SMS data is your own. Swift SMS does not share it, use it, or re-market it.

Should Your Business Be Concerned?
To institutions concerned over data sovereignty and ownership when using cloud computing services, Canadian data residency with a service provider that strictly does just SMS is important. These same institutions also demand an SLA (Service Level Agreement) beyond Best-Effort availability and express valid concerns over cloud-based solutions when using the virtual host giants.

“Swift SMS Gateway offers facilities-based service hosted in Canada.”

The “3 P’s” – Power, Ping and Pipe have long been the foundation of all enterprise hosted solutions. This centres around availability and scale in a bullet-proof environment, as the foundation that you build managed services on. Swift SMS Gateway is built on this same foundation, providing robust performance for your SMS broadcasting today and tomorrow.

When You Own It, You Can Support It Better
The truth is cloud providers get nervous offering guarantees when they don’t own the equipment hosting their own service. This leads to a lack of confidence and apprehension to provide reasonable and affordable support. That is not a concern with us. Swift SMS Gateway has scalable support: Standard for $0, Professional for $100/mth and Enterprise for $500. This is in combination with SLA (Service Level Agreements) and MTTR (Mean Time To Respond) metrics that guarantee SMS performance.

“You Can’t Guarantee What You Don’t Own.”

Add to that; data residency in a virtual host environment and that only adds to today’s concerns. This is what sets Swift SMS Gateway apart from other SMS aggregators. We handle your data efficiently, providing a secured facilities-based service located right here in Canada.

So is SMS data residency important? It is if you’re a business, or institution that is using SMS to its best advantage. SMS is the most efficient way to connect to mobile, because bar none it’s the most used application on mobile phones, exceeding the use of email and telephone. Connect to Swift SMS Gateway and take your business mobile.