An increasing number of businesses are moving towards SMS marketing for their advertising efforts. There are many reasons why text message marketing is one of the best advertising platforms in today's market. Here's why SMS marketing works:

It's a proven medium
Text messaging is a great medium for marketing. According to Smart Insights, SMS marketing has eight times the engagement rate of the next highest platform, email marketing. It also has a near 100 percent open rate — most recipients read their messages within a few minutes of getting them. This makes it a proven and powerful marketing medium.

"SMS is not just for basic communications between friends and family."

Text messaging is popular
With the prevalence of cell phones in today's culture, an increasing number of people are sending text messages. According to Pew, 90 percent of American adults own a cell phone, 81 percent of which use it to send text messages. While those numbers are higher in younger generations, a majority of people across all age ranges and demographics use the devices.

Text messaging is convenient
Most people always have their cell phones with them. This means that they are always within reach of a marketing text message. More than that, though, is the ease of opting in. Using short codes and keywords, a customer can pull out their phone and subscribe to a company's SMS marketing campaign at a moment's notice. It also allows for an easy avenue for increased redemption of promotional offers, as most just do it right from their phone.

SMS is simple and affordable
Compared to other marketing media, text messaging is inexpensive and easy to use. Because the messages are purely text-based and have a character limit, the per-message cost is low, so companies can get more for their marketing dollar. Also a tool like an SMS gateway, allows businesses to simply schedule and send out messages.

Text messaging is direct and immediate
Because people always have their phones on them, text messages are received immediately and read soon thereafter. This opens a marketing window that is unique to SMS: timed offers. Businesses can use SMS to market flash sales or other types of last minute deals, which would be virtually impossible on other platforms.

Customers prefer SMS
Sure, SMS is popular, but not just for basic communications between friends and family. Pew found that 70 percent of customers want companies to communicate with them by text message. Also, government regulations require businesses to receive opt-in notices from customers before they text them, meaning companies know for a fact that those customers want to receive their marketing.

SMS has untapped potential
Many companies have yet to key into the many advantages of SMS marketing. This allows businesses that do to set themselves apart by offering this service. In addition, text message marketing doesn't overwhelm customers in the same way that other platforms, like social media and email, does, so they'll be eager to take part in your campaign.

A powerful SMS gateway can help you leverage the buying power of your SMS subscribers.