Do you love everything SMS marketing offers but aren't seeing the results you had hoped for? Here are some ways to revitalize your text message marketing campaign:

Analyze data for strengths and weaknesses
Metrics are a powerful tool during an SMS marketing campaign, but particularly so if you're not seeing the results you anticipated. When reviewing data, you can see what types of messages worked and what didn't and change accordingly.

Analytics reviews shouldn't only happen when your campaign is slumping, though. They should be done periodically so that you can make adjustments more quickly, avoiding any long-term impacts.

Improve your calls to action
The calls to action in your messaging help contribute to your campaign's success. If they're not strong enough, your customer engagement will likely suffer. One way to improve them is by adding urgency to your messages, in essence shortening the time window for your offers. Also, don't repeat calls to action, as too much repetition will likely cause your customers to ignore the messages.

Change your timing
Because of the immediacy of text message marketing, it is important that you time your messages properly. Most people read messages within minutes of their receipt, so send them when you think they'll be able to act upon them. This is another area where metrics can help, as you can isolate what times garnered the best response.

Be more personal
Adding a touch of personalization can help increase customer engagement. Even something as simple as a customer's name can go a long way to drive that person to take advantage of your offers. You can also personalize by demographics to target specific audiences.

Change up the content
If a customer has taken the time to opt into your text message marketing campaign, that usually tells you two things: that they like your company and they want to see the newest and best things you have to offer. If you start to repeat sales or offers, you'll likely see a drop in engagement. Always keep them on their toes by keeping your offers fresh and interesting.

Two way interaction
Your customers themselves can be powerful assets if you let them be. Use your SMS gateway to send out messages that will get them to respond back, like surveys, polls or customer service initiatives. They'll be excited about offering their input and you'll have more data to work with when performing analyses. 

A powerful SMS gateway can help you leverage the buying power of your SMS subscribers.