The are many reasons that makes SMS marketing a compelling platform to focus your advertising efforts. Here are five ways text message marketing helps level the playing field with your competitors:

  • Inexpensive. Compared to other marketing platforms, text message marketing offers an inexpensive way to reach a broad audience. Near perfect open rates all but guarantee that your message will be read, ensuring that your money is used efficiently.
  • Simple. SMS marketing is text only and has a character limit, which makes it a simple, no frills medium. This also provides another advantage: no matter the size of the company, all wishing to use the platform work within the same guidelines, eliminating any monetary differences between competitors.
  • Immediate. Unlike other marketing platforms, text messages don't get lost in the mix. Messages are sent directly to consumers and are typically opened upon minutes of receipt.
  • Personalized. It is easy to personalize text messages for a person or group of people. This helps create a connection with your customers that is all but impossible on other platforms. The result is increased customer engagement and brand loyalty.
  • Stand out. With the playing field leveled, SMS provides you with an opportunity to stand out from your competition. Because text messaging has a character limit, SMS marketing's emphasis is on the content of those messages. Use that space to compel your consumers to shop with your company.

A powerful SMS gateway can help you stand out from your competition and leverage the buying power of your SMS subscribers.