The public school system in Jefferson City, Missouri recently launched a text message alert system to help keep parents better informed. The system will send bulk SMS messages to parents of students in all grade levels informing them of special events, school closures or emergency situations. 

Amy Berendzen, the community relations assistant to the superintendent of schools, told local news outlet KOMU that the new alert system will be used in conjunction with other existing platforms to ensure parents stay up to date.

"This is just an add-on, another element or component for us to improve and enhance our communication efforts in reaching parents and families and possibly even students," Berendzen said.

Parents already enrolled in the school's other notification systems were sent a text message informing them of the new service, which launched this week, and giving them an option to opt out of text notifications. Parents simply need to do nothing to continue getting SMS alerts.

One parent told KOMU that the ability to receive text messages everywhere is attracting her to the program.

"If I'm in an area where maybe I don't have access to Internet or something, or my email isn't coming through very well, then a text would probably be even more convenient," said Victoria Salenski, mother for a first grade student. Salenski added that text messaging is quicker than the other existing notification systems, allowing her to get information faster than before, which will be especially helpful should an emergency situation arise.

Parents who aren't currently enrolled in one of these systems with their cell phone number can sign up for text alerts on the school's website.

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