Back-to-school time is the second biggest shopping season of the year, only behind the holidays. Text message marketing is a powerful tool for retailers to differentiate themselves from their competition during this busy time. Here are some ideas for offering distinctive coups during both back to school and throughout the school year:

  • Merchandise. Merchandise is the backbone of the back-to-school shopping season, but it doesn't just pertain to pencils and backpacks. Everything from clothes, shoes and sporting goods can be considered back-to-school necessities. Offer discounts on these items to get parents in your store.
  • Local. Reach out to local schools and try to coordinate offering discounts for their incoming students. Extend those discounts to alumni as well. Then, throughout the year, keep an eye on the local news outlets. If there's a story about a student, reach out to the news source or the school and offer a special bonus for the student and his or her family.
  • Philanthropy. Public school systems are always looking for additional income. Partner with the schools for donations. Run a special promotion during the back-to-school shopping season where a portion of the proceeds are donated directly to the school. This will make your customers feel like they've contributed to a good cause and will engender loyalty for your brand.
  • Parents. Back to school isn't just about kids. If your business caters more to parents, then offer promotions targeted at them as a way to wind down after the stressful season. This can be anything from discounted dinners to massage and salon promotions.

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