Salons and spas are known for their customer service and rapport building. SMS marketing can take this to the next level by better catering to existing clients while also bringing in new ones. Here are seven ways salons can benefit from a well implemented text message marketing campaign:

  • Keywords. A clever keyword can go a long way. When combined with a short code, its the quickest way to get subscribers. 
  • Face to face. Your retail location can be a big help. In addition to advertising your keyword, make sure your employees know to mention the texting service to new members who sign up. It can even be included on the new customer forms.
  • Coupons. When they sign up, send a coupon within the first few texts, or even right away. This will let them know that they're appreciated, so that they come back for their second appointment sooner, and mention their positive experience to their friends.
  • Reminders. Texting can be used to send out reminders a day in advance of their appointment (or the closest business day prior to their appointment, depending on holidays and your normal business hours). This ensures that they don't forget and you don't lose time and money.
  • Gaps. Have an open time slot? Send out a text with the time and offer a discount to fill it last minute. Make sure they know its first come, first serve, so they'll act quick.
  • New products and services. Adding something new? Make sure your customers know about it. Tease it in a text and tell them to come in to learn more.
  • Referrals. Use your existing customers to expand your client base. Offer a discount in a text if they refer one of their friends. You can evens setup a new keyword for the new customers to text to help streamline the process.

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