One of the best ways to increase the effectiveness of a mobile marketing campaign is through special offers. It's hard for anyone to resist a good deal. You can go even further, however, by offering exclusive discounts that customers can only get through texting. 

Here are three ways exclusive offers can help increase your bottom line:


Opt-ins are essential to text message marketing because federal law prohibits you from texting customers without their consent. An easy way to boost your opt-in numbers is through exclusive offers. When beginning a campaign, emphasize that text message subscribers will get exclusive offers or VIP deals. When they sign up, send them one right away, then work them in from time to time with other messages to keep them coming back. Just don't over do it, as too many may lead customers to think they're commonplace.

Sales increase

Mobile coupons are used to drive business. Though you make less on a discounted item, you should end up making a healthy profit by selling more than you would have if you didn't offer the coupon. This helps bring in customers that wouldn't normally have used your services. Texting coupons regularly helps retain these customers, engendering loyalty for your brand and increasing your sales numbers.

Limited time only

Putting a timeframe on offer redemption helps increase revenue. When combined with exclusivity, your coupon redemption rate will skyrocket. Don't be afraid to put a hard stop time in your SMS messages. 

SMS marketing offers the highest open and conversion rates across any marketing channel. Implementing a text message marketing strategy can engage customers by acknowledging special occasions throughout the year. Swift SMS Gateway offers the SMS API and gateway needed to launch an effective text message campaign across North America.