The days of sweating over a hot grill while others are enjoying the party are over. A new grill, called the Lynx SmartGrill, can text you to let you know the status of your food.

Users begin by talking to a digital assistant not unlike Apple's Siri, named Tracy. Tracy will ask you various questions about the food you wish to cook, like general size, quantity and your preferred cooking style and preparation. It will then offer you detailed instructions on how to cook your food. 

"We want to remove all the fear from grilling. Everyone should feel comfortable buying the most expensive cut of meat without fear of ruining it," Lynx executive chef Andres Dangold told the Chicago Tribune. "If I had a restaurant, I'd want a bunch of these."

When users first unpack and assemble the SmartGrill, they connect it to the internet and can also use a mobile app for further customization if needed. Then, they input their phone number. 

When cooking, Tracy will talk you through the various steps of cooking your food, like where on the grill to place it, temperature settings, when to flip it and, of course, when it's done. However, you don't have to be within earshot of the grill to hear Tracy. The grill will text you the same updates, so that you can mingle with your guests and not have to worry about burning the food. 

As to the results, the Chicago Tribune tested medium-rare cooked steaks with the SmartGrill for a panel of four unbiased judges, one set using Tracy's instructions and the other with Tracy turned off. The judges found no discernable difference. 

With things like parking meters and grills being able to send SMS messages, there should no longer be any question as to how effective text messaging can be to help increase customer engagement and brand loyalty. 

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