Both text message marketing and email marketing are easy and affordable ways to reach customers and improve your business. But there are new statistics that show why text messaging is better than email, and the results aren't even close.

According to Pew Research, the average open rate of email messages is between 28 and 33 percent, compared to a near-perfect 99 percent for text messaging. With modern email providers increasing spam detection, it is increasingly difficult for email marketers to get their messages through to users. Also, if someone doesn't check their email in a few days, they can pile up, leading to the rare message that get's through sinking to the bottom of the pile.

SMS messages, on the other hand, are sent directly to the user on their cell phone, which promptly notifies them upon reception. This not only ensures that messages are read, but allows for greater flexibility when using time-specific offers. 

The research goes on to say that the click through rate of texting is also superior to email. According to Pew, 36 percent of texts will be clicked through opposed to only 6 to 7 percent for email. It continues, saying that 16 to 30 messages per month are needed for those rates on email, as opposed to only four two six for text messaging, or over four times the work for just about a sixth of the result. 

Marketing in these forms, especially for those new to them, are all about return on investment: how to maximize revenue with the least possible investment. In those terms, text message marketing is the stronger option when compared to email. 

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