According to a new study, almost 100 million people use mobile coupons.

The study, recently published by eMarketer, shows that mobile coupon redemption rose 18.4 percent over last year to reach 97.4 million people. 

Mobile coupons are both cheaper to produce and to distribute than traditional paper ones. The firm also said that mobile coupons were more likely to be redeemed than papers ones, and predicts that mobile coupons will soon outpace other coupon types in overall spending.

Companies are starting to realize the value of mobile coupons. The study predicts that the percent of companies using mobile coupons as part of their strategy will rise significantly in just the next few years. This year, 40.5 percent of companies surveyed used mobile coupons, up from 36.5 in the prior year. The firm predicts that this number will jump to 48 percent by 2017.

How can you take advantage of this? A survey of consumers by Cellit showed that BOGO, or buy one get one coupons, were the most successful with 68 percent of consumers opting for this strategy. These coupons can help drive sales of poorly-performing products by attaching them to better-performing ones or just through the added value of getting more than one. Another thing to note is that the "get one" product doesn't always have to be free. Try offering that additional item at a percentage off instead.

The next was percentage off coupons, with 22 percent of consumers preferring this type. Coming in third with only 6 percent of customer preference were free with purchase offers. 

With coupon use on the rise both business and consumer utilization, now is the perfect time to implement coupons into your text message marketing campaign. Swift SMS Gateway offers the SMS API and other tools businesses need to launch any promotional SMS marketing program.