Having ideas for your new text message marketing campaign is great, but you need people to market to first. Building a solid database of opted-in current and potential customers is crucial to the success of any good SMS marketing campaign. 

Here are six ways to build your database so you can target the right audience and increase engagement levels:

  • Internet. Use your company's website as a way to collect opt-ins. If customers are already on your site, odds are they're interested in your business. Make it easy for them to sign up and offer an incentive to help boost the number of opt-ins.
  • Social media. Build keywords or codes into your social media output asking customers to text it back to you to sign up. 
  • Competitions. People love prizes. Offering customers a chance to win something for signing up is a great way to increase your database quick. 
  • Newsletters and pamphlets. This may seem like a thing of the past, but using these tools helps reach customers who may be missing out on other platforms, especially if they're local. Include a keyword or a code for them to text back to sign up. 
  • In person. Personal interactions between your employees and a customer are great ways to build rapport and increase brand loyalty. Create a opt-in form and have your employees mention it in the course of their normal job duties. These also come in handy if your business frequents conventions or other events outside of your store or office. 
  • Radio. Radio is still hugely popular. Because of the immediacy of the medium, listeners are likely to react immediately to a call to action over the airwaves. Make the texting action short and simple to increase the response level. 

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