As smartphones get more and more prevalent in today's world, text message marketing becomes increasingly important to businesses. If used right, there are many benefits to engaging your audience through text (SMS) messaging. Yet for as simple as it is to succeed, it's equally easy to make errors. Here are six things to avoid when marketing though text messages:

  • Sending out expired or unredeemable offers. When promoting a limited time offer, ensure that messages go out on time and with the right offer and expiration date. Nothing is worse than falsely building up customer expectations. 
  • Spelling errors. Double- and triple-check your spelling, especially for a marketing message. Errors will prevent customers who want to opt in from doing so and will hurt your credibility.
  • Not honoring frequency promises. If your opt in includes a frequency promise, send exactly that. Too few looks bad and too many seems desperate and could potentially land you in legal trouble.
  • Being generic. People opt in expecting some sort of offer. While general announcement messages are ok, too many in between offers will make people opt out quickly.
  • After hour messaging. Only send messages during normal business hours. Businesses open beyond normal business hours like retail locations or companies with locations in multiple time-zones have a little more leeway, but sending messages in the middle of the night benefits no one.
  • Failing to educate yourself. Know what you're getting into, and all the benefits that are available to you if you use text marketing the right way.

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