No two SMS aggregators are the same, and when selecting SMS as a key marketing channel businesses need to compare closely. Mobile text marketing offers amazing benefits, but only if the service aligns with your business needs.

It is very important to ask questions of an SMS service provider before signing a contract. Some use middlemen for message delivery on different networks while others may not use the security you require for your particular SMS needs. Not all businesses are considering SMS for their marketing teams, others might be using it for internal alerts, or sending secure passwords or codes to customers. In these cases, you need to minimize exposure and risk while optimizing delivery regardless of a customers mobile network.

Here are a few of the challenges you need to consider as part of your SMS service:

Message delay – One issue that occurs, particularly with third-party SMS aggregators is message delay. When sending messages across varying networks, some might experience more of a delivery delay than others, resulting in staggered receipt of the code or alert. This can be troubling in timely matters, or cost a firm revenue with marketing strategies. This is particularly troublesome if the message has to pass through multiple aggregators, some of which might have a message queue.

Regulations – Varying regional regulations may also affect delivery. Furthermore, carriers in those countries might have different methods for handling those regulations that can further complicate SMS sending. Make sure any globally sent messages conform to a universal guideline, or tailor messages to country-specific rules, such as no sending messages between 9 p.m. and 9 a.m. in India. Furthermore, multi-national sending could force messages to pass through even more aggregators, reducing visibility of delivery and affecting error code receipt from various carriers.

Security – SMS aggregators copy a message before sending it on to create a log and ensure delivery should the copy become corrupted. However, with secure text alerts, such as the sending of passwords, this creates a serious security risk so it is important to ensure your SMS service provider only uses aggregators that meet your firm's privacy needs. 

Spam filtering – Different carriers and nations use their own spam filtering tools for SMS as well, which can affect your marketing approach. You'll need to address these on an individual level and tailor your messages to the country and/or carrier as needed.

Businesses that are looking to increase customer engagement and expand both their marketing and internal communications potential should still consider SMS service as a quick and easy way to send and receive information. Swift SMS Gateway has the tools to help organizations launch a strong, secure SMS strategy.