This year, a growing economy is seeing increased spending across every consumer-facing industry. With more shoppers comes a need to boost marketing efforts to draw customers away from the competition. This means brands will also need to increase customer retention efforts to not only boost sales, but maintain strong relationships with those shoppers. Customer service is a major priority for the majority of businesses, and firms need to seize opportunities to provide great service through every interaction.

Companies that integrate mobile text marketing into their customer communications often find it provides a major boost to service, not only through increasing consumer awareness of promotions and sales, but also helping enhance customer service. A study by Genesys found that companies that embrace the right channels to boost customer service often increase sales by an average of $289 per customer.

"Be nice to the customers you have, and you'll win the customers you want," Shankman Honig, a customer service consultancy firm in New York, told Business 2 Community.

By boosting customer loyalty, companies are able to enhance their customer base through opt-ins to SMS services. This allows the firm to reach out to consumers regularly and increase the chances of a return visit over the course of the year. Firms that create a tailored marketing strategy report a $150 per customer increase to sales on average, according to Harvard Business Review. This growth is due to the fact that text message marketing reminds customers about brands they enjoy doing business with.

Businesses that want to build a stronger customer base in 2015 should consider using mobile marketing as a way to spread their brand and improve customer relationships across the board. Investing in the right SMS gateway can help business owners have a text messaging platform that meets these goals.