Many companies are leaping onto the social media marketing bandwagon, but it is important not to forget mobile text marketing as well. With higher open and click-through rates, SMS marketing offers the biggest return on investment of any channel while promoting stronger operational practices.

Just because mobile already leads marketing doesn't mean you can't make mistakes with it though. There are a few ways to can damage your own marketing efforts though text messages, primarily by sending too frequently or low-value messages. These issues could reduce impact, affect your brand reputation or even result in fines if you aren't careful.

Here are a few tips for minimizing risk when launching a mobile marketing campaign:

Integrate social – Make sure you integrate your social channels into the campaign. Remind recipients of your Facebook and Twitter pages, or even tie Twitter in directly, as the service has a similar character limit to SMS.

Offer options – Rather than overloading your own service or the consumer's text inbox, offer them options for different campaigns. For example, during the opt-in process you can ask users if they want to receive promotional texts, location-based alerts, general marketing announcements or all of the above.

Use the right service – Minimize risk by using the appropriate SMS service for delivery and managing bulk sending. A high-quality SMS gateway will support bandwidth needs, ensuring your text messages send at the right time and to the right subscribers.

Creating a strong foundation for your SMS marketing strategy will boost brand reputation and encourage consumer engagement, furthering the impact of your text messaging efforts while utilizing the most cost-effective channel with minimal management needs for your company.