Customer relationship management is core to business success. Companies that don't constantly focus on ways to improve their CRM strategy will see sales, and therefore profits, begin to decline. However, innovations in technology continue to change consumer perspectives on communications, and their expectations from the brands they interact with. As this trend continues, experts believe that failings in enterprise communications will eventually be the death of CRM. In order to avoid this fate, businesses may need to reconsider the channels they use to communicate with their customers, particularly in their marketing efforts.

According to Scott Cundill, a marketing communications expert, the answer lies in bringing real-time marketing to business communications. Cundill notes that these tools will be the next evolution of CRM for companies, as long as firms get integration right. This can be accomplished  through innovative new platforms and the use of accessible, easy and cost-effective channels to allow the variety of technologies needed to connect with each other and deliver messages to "multi-tiered and diverse market segments."

For many businesses, the right channel will be mobile text marketing.

SMS services continue to sit at the front line of marketing efforts, and firms implementing them are able to deliver high-quality messages to customers in easy, cost-effect methods. By focusing on text message marketing as a front runner for CRM, companies can minimize cost while expanding their exposure to consumers. The ROI from this is remarkable and helps firms focus their budgets on other critical areas of operations while still ensuring high-quality work is being done in CRM and marketing.

In order to truly support this strategy, however, firms need to deploy a high-quality SMS gateway that can handle high volumes of both outgoing and incoming messages.