While mobile text marketing offers an easy way to boost consumer engagement, reach and returns on marketing initiatives, it does come with a few challenges as well. Any firm can make a mistake and shoot itself in the foot in the eyes of its target audience, but by being aware of these potential mishaps, a business can more easily avoid them and ensure it is doing its best with SMS marketing.

Here are a few of the biggest mistakes a company can make with test message marketing:

Complicating opt-ins and/or opt-outs – Having an incredibly simple opt-in and opt-out process is critical for any SMS campaign. If consumers are unsure of how to opt-in, they won't, and if they think it will be too difficult to opt-out of the campaign if they don't find value in the messages they receive, they won't opt-in in the first place.

Forgetting personalization – SMS can be a tricky channel to personalize, but it is possible. Businesses need to ensure they are taking the time to apply data analytics and really assess their audience in order to properly apply personalization tactics to their SMS messages. As one of the main benefits of text marketing is that you can send bulk messages simultaneously, this actually seems more difficult than it is, so companies can't ignore this aspect of the medium.

Timing is everything – Sending messages at the wrong time is another major mistake that many companies make, especially when launching their first mobile marketing strategy. It is incredibly important to send texts at a time that isn't annoying to the consumer, and when they are likely to read the message within the next 15 minutes or so.

Don't make mistakes with your text marketing campaign, make sure you're using a high-quality SMS gateway to support delivery.