Technology has helped marketing evolve well beyond the Madison Avenue days of the 60s, and in this new era of marketing, engagement is everything. According to Business 2 Community, many companies are focusing more than ever on consumer engagement and prioritizing creating a dialog with their messaging. However, what firms need to consider is how to build their brand in this era of engagement.

Below are a few tips for leveraging brand in mobile marketing that allows businesses to embrace engagement:

Build a dialog – The most important thing a company can do to enhance its brand through modern marketing techniques is to build a dialog with the consumer, rather than simply send a message. Dialog creates trust, loyalty and admiration in the era of engagement, and firms that are able to do this will make their marketing strategy that much stronger.

Start with the story – Every marketing campaign, regardless of the channel used to deliver it, needs to start with a story. Consumers are engaged by storytelling, and launching a marketing message through this story will boost engagement while showing exactly what your company brand is capable of. Rather than talking "at" the audience, however, technology has turned storytelling into a conversation.

Use technology for support – In fact, companies may need to leverage technology in a new way as well in order to support their brand. Rather than using technology as a tool to deliver a message, it needs to be used to support the conversation with the audience. Mobile text marketing allows consumers to respond to marketing messages, and businesses need to embrace that capability.

For companies looking to take their mobile marketing efforts to the next level, make sure to consider SMS marketing, and invest in the necessary mobile marketing software to optimize an SMS campaign.