Text message marketing is all about open rates. If the consumer doesn't open your message, you can't sell them on your brand. However, there are many way to improve open rates, and as a result, sales. Much of mobile text marketing is based in email marketing's success, and there are still a few more ways for businesses to leverage one channel to the benefit of the other.

Below are three tips for increasing your open rates immediately:

Make your first sentence engaging – When a customer receives a text message, on most devices the first line, or the majority of it, is visible as a preview. If you make these first few words as engaging and interesting as possible, your audience will be more likely to open the message and read the rest, easy as that.

Personalize it – Personalizing your text messages will induce familiarity for the consumer and boost engagement. This will, in turn, increase open rates by appealing to the consumer's desire to connect with his or her favorite brands.

Optimize send time – The time of day that you send your marketing SMS makes all the difference in open rates as well. Sending during hours where the user is less likely to look at his or her phone, or open the messages received, such as during work hours or late at night, reduces overall open rates because he or she is less likely to go look at that message later on. However, if messages arrive during lunch hours and before and after work, the recipient is much more likely to immediately open and read them.

Make sure you're optimizing your mobile marketing strategy with the right bulk SMS service to meet your company's needs.