Marketing budgets have fluctuated wildly over the last few decades, since the introduction of the internet and digital channels. However, as many of these trends begin to settle, marketing executives strive to balance their budgets and drive the most value they can out of the channels they have embraced. In order to accomplish this, many are turning to mobile text marketing.

According to National Retail Federation, many CMOs are trying to determine the best way to measure the impact of digital marketing campaigns in order to pinpoint exactly how these online channels boost in-store sales. The best way to do this is to find a way to flow with the constant flux that the digital marketing landscape seems to be in and develop a single channel to center the rest of the campaign around. For many companies this channel has been mobile, because it provides higher open and response rates than any other channel, and ties neatly into social and other emerging solutions to further bolstering marketing returns.

"With so many factors changing the retail landscape — from the Internet of Things to mobile and connected stores — it's on CMOs to not only share how our brands are innovating; we must be diligent in developing a framework to show how each marketing medium contributes to in-store sales," the news source noted.

Developing a strong mobile marketing strategy will provide companies with a solid foundation to launch their marketing campaign from and a means to accurately measure the impact it has on in-store sales. From location-based marketing to promotional texts, this provides the biggest impact with minimal investment. However, companies need to ensure they have the right SMS gateway in place to deliver mass texts and manage their mobile strategy effectively and effortlessly.