Short code versus long code SMS may not seem like something a business focused on optimizing its mobile text marketing efforts needs to be concerned with, but it can create the backbone of any SMS marketing campaign, according to Media Update.

A short code is a five digit series of numbers that effectively replaces a phone number for an SMS message. They are best implemented for text marketing campaign opt in strategies, for example: Having a customer text a keyword, such as your business name, to the dedicated short code. This simplifies consumer opt-ins and boosts overall awareness of your text marketing option by helping make it more shareable.

Creating a dedicated short code for your business will allow you to ensure that your business is driving its text marketing campaign more effectively. Create a short code that is memorable, rather than disposable. This can boost opt-ins by allowing consumers to share your short code as well, but the main advantage is not having to tie keywords to the code to ensure that your business is the one getting any traffic via the code.

SMS short code allows for the sending of text messages and multimedia messages, which ensures a wide range of marketing options for any business. Companies that setup their short code through a mobile provider will be able to receive and deliver high-quality content much more easily while offering customers a way to share and receive support as well. The added option of sending photos will boost customer engagement.

For any company considering short or long code SMS options, be sure you have invested in the right bulk SMS service to support delivery and traffic volumes as well.