If vagueness is killing the advertising business, mobile text marketing needs to take a cue and make sure that every SMS message is to the point to maximum impact.

According to Tom Goodwin, a contributor with AdWeek, meaningless phrases are hurting the advertising industry, and more precise terms and definitions need to be put to use to ensure that firms are maximizing their use of the technology that is changing the industry as a whole. From mobile to the cloud, more direct, poignant marketing efforts will help to shape brand image and consumer impact, helping companies make sure they are optimizing the tools they are using, not just the messages themselves.

"I've never woken up halfway through a medical operation, but if I did, I'm pretty sure the surgeons would not be asking their assistant for a 'metal wedgy thing' to allow them to see the 'red blobby bit,'" Goodwin wrote. "Professions create specific language to allow precise and rapid communication. There is no place for vagueness."

While Goodwin refers specifically to the vagueness of industry terms like digital advertising, content marketing and mobile advertising, taking his intention to the next level and eliminating vagueness from your marketing campaigns themselves will help to optimize reach. Consumers that receive texts with direct promotions and clear language will be more likely to act on those messages and share them. This increased engagement will translate into higher success for the company as a whole and a stronger approach to mobile marketing.

In order to ensure that your company is ready to launch a mobile marketing campaign, make sure you have a bulk SMS service that can handle the traffic.