Mobile was all the rage for marketing in 2014, and this trend is expected to continue in 2015. From SMS marketing to mobile apps, many believe this technology will continue to evolve next year, offering new opportunities for engagement and reach.

According to Customer Think, there will be a few leading trends that will shape the way mobile takes in 2015, including:

Interactive content will be a hot commodity – The news source noted that among some of the leading marketing technologies next year, interactive content will be particularly hot. Rather than going the route of passive content, companies that focus on engaging their potential customers and involving themselves in conversations will see the greatest returns from their marketing strategies next year. 

Multiplication of marketing technologies – Furthermore, the number of marketing technologies that businesses use is expected to increase, with more specialists entering the scene to manage and develop these new tools and strategy-enhancing solutions.

Marketing landscape to grow – Continued growth in marketing technology will drive overall growth of the marketing landscape. This means more consumers, more engagement, more technologies, more apps and more focus on the campaign itself.

In order to leverage these trends and take advantage of the power of mobile marketing, companies need to ensure they are optimizing their SMS marketing efforts. Opt-in rates and click-throughs will lead the numbers for mobile marketing success, so businesses need to focus on engagement and the deals and opportunities they are offering through their texts to reach as wide of an audience as possible.

This also means invest in the right SMS aggregator and API to ensure your text message marketing efforts are successful.