Marketing is all about numbers, and in SMS marketing nothing is as important as click-throughs.

Open rates are already higher in text marketing than any other channel, at over 90 percent of all texts being read by the recipient. However, when the text includes a link or promotion that has to be followed through to a social network or website, they key is getting the consumer to complete the next step. Click-throughs are a critical measure of success, because the majority of click-throughs lead to sales – the No. 1 metric that tracks success in marketing.

Below are five tricks to increase click-throughs in ways that enhance the customer experience and deliver real value in mobile text marketing:

Keep it simple – Giving too much detail in the text can actually discourage a click-through, because the consumer may feel they got all the information they need from the marketing message, and lose interest. By keeping messages simple and offering more details in the click-through, interested customers will do so, reading more about the deal and become more likely to make a purchase.

Integrate other channels – By tying your text marketing camping to social channels, you'll be able to direct potential customers through other detail-rich mediums in order to continue engaging them beyond the initial message. This keeps them interested and allows you to drive home important messages, such as value and quality.

Make it personal – Personalization is key in text marketing. Write messages as if speaking as a person, rather than as a business, and focus on the individual, rather than the demographic of customers. This will entice consumers and make them more likely to continue engaging in the marketing campaign.

Make the preview enticing – In order to get a click-through, the message has to be opened. While SMS marketing has the highest open rate of any channel, it's still possible for a consumer to ignore the message. By making sure the promotion or deal is in the preview text of the message, you're more likely to get them to read it sooner, and click-through if they are truly interested.

Make it sharable – Sharing a text marketing message is a great way to increase click-throughs, because your recipients will be sharing with potentially interested friends and family who are also going to be likely to click-through, or in the very least sign up for messages on their own mobile devices.

If your business hasn't implemented SMS marketing software as part of your outreach campaign, it's time to adopt it and integrate it with other platforms for true cross-channel marketing that will extend your ability to reach consumers and entice them with lucrative deals.