How many times have you had a pizza delivered so good you wanted to thank the chef? What about the opposite side of the coin, when you open a pizza box and realize that something just isn't up to par? As a customer, we have more ways than ever to provide this feedback, but does it always reach those that should hear it?

According to an article from The Drum, pizza chain Papa John's has implemented a new system to improve how its customers can provide direct feedback. On every delivery box will be a QR code and a number where patrons can text "PAPA" to 66099 and provide their their thoughts — good or bad — on your delivery.

Andrew Gallagher, the senior marketing director for Papa John's, said that so far, the results have been better than they could have imagined. The response rate shows that customers are ready and willing to share what they are thinking.

"Only by finding out where we're going right and wrong can we develop as a company," Gallagher said. "While Rant & Rave helps us respond to customer issues in the moment it also gives us the wider picture so we can track customer sentiment over time. Of course, it's going to differ from region to region but I'm confident that by learning from our Rants and listening to our Raves we're undoubtedly going to retain and grow our already loyal customer base."

Considering that many consumers probably placed the order through a cell phone, an SMS service for feedback can be a perfect way to engage customers and help improve your business.