Every organization wants to find a better way to connect with their customers. While some may think this involves a large social media strategy or pricey personalized direct marketing push, the answer may actually be in the palm of your hand.

Text messaging services are quickly becoming the perfect way to reach out to customers because nearly everyone has a device that can receive them.

While a recent article from All Africa makes the case that South Africa needs to start embracing SMS Marketing, the argument made for it can easily be adapted to any marketplace.

"The platform offers a unique moment for consumer engagement, where businesses are able to provide their target markets with what they need almost instantly," the article reads. "They help business in a number of ways."

According to the piece, SMS messages have a 97 percent read rate and are acknowledged by the recipient on on average within four or five minutes. On top of that, research shows that the average person can only withstand the urge to read their messages for 120 seconds. This strategy also improve reply rate, as text messaging offers the fastest way to respond to a message.

An SMS strategy can also be used to compliment other options as URLs can easily be incorporated. This also helps create a more personalized and casual interaction between the company and their customers.

By using a mobile text marketing strategy, any organization can roll out a new approach that will make it easier for companies to improve how they interact with new or potential customers.