In an emergency situation, getting information can be taxing. In many cases, there is confusion, and until all the facts are known, those in charge are not going to make any kind of official statement. When that does happen, not everyone will be in the initial loop. If you are a parent and there is an issue at the child's school, this can be a scary situation.

According to a recent article from The Eagle, a newspaper in College Station, Texas, the local school district has launched a notification system for parents that will send out text message alerts in the case of an emergency.

The article features comments from Chuck Glenewinkel, a spokesperson for the district. He said that individuals are able to opt into the program simply by texting "yes" to a short-code phone number. As long as the cell number is in the school's database, parents and guardians will be able to receive the informative texts.

"So many people rely on their cell phones now," Glenewinkel told the news source. "Parents want information in a timely manner, especially when it is an emergency situation. Using text messaging will give us yet another tool to use to keep parents informed during urgent situations."

In just 15 minutes, every number in the database will receive any specific text message that is put out by the school district.

This is just another example of how a bulk SMS service can help organizations spread critical information in a time when doing so is as important as ever.