With the mobile marketplace growing, many businesses are looking for ways to incorporate it into their operations. One department that has mobile devices at the top of its priority list is marketing. While some immediately take this and think about the possibility of creating a mobile application, it is also important to think about the possibilities of using an SMS marketing strategy.

A side effect of more individuals working cell and smartphones into their daily lives is that we are always connected. This means that every one of these individuals is holding what could be a direct line of communication that companies can use to connect with them.

A recent article from AdNews features the results of a study of Australian marketers. It looked at conversion rates, brand awareness and data that have become the top priorities. Mobility, however, topped the list.

"It claims 97 percent of marketers plan to increase or maintain their spend this year and the areas that will see the benefit of that increase are data and analytics, email marketing, automated systems, SMS marketing and content marketing," the article reads.

The main goal for companies is to improve conversion rates (49 percent). Respondents also cited improve brand awareness (41 percent) and data acquisition (31 percent).

Reports also show that a text message is far more likely to be opened and read than other forms of marketing materials.

With the help of a mobile marketing service, any business will be able to effectively incorporate mobile strategies into its operations. The world is going mobile and companies need to keep up.