It is sad but true — many of us need to be reminded of important dates and tasks. Whether it is a birthday, anniversary, things to pick up on the way home or one-off events like elections. While mobile devices have made it easier for individuals to keep track of everything in the day planner, for certain events those behind it may need to take additional measures to inform the people.

A recent article from Zee News in India covered the upcoming election and the steps that the Delhi Election Commission is taking to boost citizen awareness and voter turnout. The Office of Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) is spearheading a new initiative which includes running a series of concerts with Bollywood stars, singers and comedians, as well as, quiz camps and exhibitions.

The organization also launched an SMS marketing campaign reminding residents of the day the vote will be held and what times the polls will be open. According to the news source, the message reads: "Delhi goes to polls on 10th April 2014 (7 AM to 6 PM)! Don't forget to exercise your right – CEO Delhi."

As many as 150 candidates will be involved in the voting during the Lok Sabha elections, meaning a greater turnout is needed.

The use of SMS services to help spread information is a growing tactic for many businesses. With the help of a text messaging services provider any organization can craft and deploy a targeted marketing solutions to make sure important information is shared in a timely manner.