There are a number of new ways for marketers to get in touch with customers. The latest technology solutions are making it possible for organizations to connect with customers in a more direct way. However, because there are so many options on the market it can be difficult for organizations to figure out which will be the most effective.

A recent article from the The Pakistan Tribune examines the different ways that SMS is the marketing tool that organizations need to start investing in.

"The short messaging service (SMS) is slowly becoming a powerful tool for businesses," the article reads. "The prevalence of mobile devices and the simplicity of text messages make SMS a good platform for marketing and even customer service. A bulk SMS gateway can deliver thousands of messages to consumers in just minutes. Using SMS marketing can distinguish a company from competitors and increase sales over time. SMS marketing will help a business in a number of ways."

The article goes on to mention several ways that organizations have been able to improve customer interactions through the use of text messaging. These include:

  • Grab customer attention immediately
  • Complement other marketing tools
  • Build personalized relationships
  • Allow for more casual interaction with customers
  • Control marketing costs

Creating one of these strategies is not as simple as it would seem. However, with the help of an SMS service provider that understands the ins and outs of this strategy, but can also create an effective bulk SMS strategy, any company can reap immediate benefits from the first text message.